Safety is our number one core value. We are uncompromising in our commitment to the health and safety of our customers. We will continually improve our processes with ultraviolet lights to offer a virus and bacteria free space to everybody with affortable investment.

Eleonora Coniglio

Hoofd marketing TechnologyClean

My role in professional marketing development, I deal with personal branding, media and marketing

Elena Domela N. Trisotto

Eigenaar TechnologyClean

She has established herself as a foward-thinking entrepreneur and visionary in the healthcare and technology space. She believes "team and passion are the key drivers to success".


Founder & CEO

Technology has revolutionized every industry. In healthcare, technology is helping us live longer while leading safer, healtier and more productive lifes.


Operational Manager

As an operational professional, he enjoys ensuring that things run smoothly and creates operation strategies to keep his clients on track.